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Is a lab grown diamond a real diamond?

Sep 12

Laboratory grown diamonds are real diamonds. They are made from the same chemical as earth mined, i.e., carbon, formed into the same crystal structure, and have the same optical properties, unlike look-a-like simulants like Cubic Zirconia or Moissanite, but actual diamonds, no different than those dug out of the ground which use environmentally unfriendly methods and giant mechanical equipment, which are not kind to the planet. It takes 250 tons of hard granite rock which is crushed and sifted to obtain just one carat of diamonds. The diamonds are then sent to cartels which control the flow of diamonds into the market to maintain the high prices they need to have, to sustain the mining of the gems. Laboratory Grown Diamonds are not easy to make. They require highly skilled technicians and very expensive machines to manufacture them. Once started the process can’t be hurried by forcing them to grow faster as this will cause the diamonds to fail and not be gem quality. As the manufacturer is also the seller, there are few if any middlemen to take their cut before it reaches the jeweller who will sell it. Earth mined diamonds can pass through many hands each clipping the ticket thus upping the price. It is a trail that has existed for hundreds of years, and the trade is reluctant to change. Laboratory Grown Diamonds are not tied to these traditions and are the future.

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